Aareth Erimbar

Ruler of this up and coming kingdom


As a young boy Aareth was orphaned when his village was attacked by Hobgoblin’s. Aareth was saved from their onslaught as he and a few other children were not in the village at the time. When he came back, the village was littered with bodies of people he knew and the village set aflame. The children were in shock and just walked through the burning village aimlessly until a small party arrived. The party was a group of aristocrats that were passing through and came upon the village. One of the aristocrats approached Aareth, crouched before him, and promised him that revenge would be brought up the savages that did this. The aristocrat then took Aareth back with him and tried to raise him as he could. That was when Aareth started to moving towards who he is today. He learned to be an aristocrat himself, learned how to handle himself on his own, use a sword, but most of all he learned to hate all other creatures that are not human. The problem was that Aareth felt that people were far too giving for other creatures, so he left to go out and create kingdom with one of the children that he was orphaned with, Alatar. He hopes that together they will be able to properly represent humans as the superior race and all other creatures as inferior.

Rhodes Whitebrow,a servant of the aristocratic household, was sent to aid Aareth in his quest, so that his adoptive family would be able to sleep a little easier.

Aareth Erimbar

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